More than 1000 clasps and pearl jewellery design – combined with a
selection of fine diamond rings and a wedding band production: this is
Kohle today, also celebrating this year “100 years in the family hand of
Today we are working with a strong motivated well trained team
of goldsmiths, stone setters polishing ladies, technical engineers and
many more special qualified employees. Our daily work is focused on to
the rules of the Kimberly Process, the Rules of CIBJO and the principles
in reference to the protection for the environment of species, opposing
child labour and taking care for healthcare standards.

There is more than one possibility to get in touch with us: have an overview which includes also our
catalogue. Ask for the specific password please. ( jump into the big variety of clasps, pearl jewellery,
diamond jewellery and wedding bands. Ask for your specific customer
number and password.
See you in Hong Kong at the jewellery show in March
(February 28th –March 4th) in CEC (German Section 3 D - D 19).
And you can ask us to mail a paper catalogue. We only ask for a reimbursement
of the postage fee which will be credited with the first order.
And finally: we would be more than happy to pay a visit with the original
sample line in your office. There are many trips around the year that we
should find the matching time.

J. Kohle GmbH & Co. KG - Stolzestr. 3 - 75175 Pforzheim – Germany - - telephone +49-7231-6002-0

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